1. Are your estimates free?
Yes. We can do most estimates over the phone to keep fuel consumption to a minimum, but if you have a larger project we will come and give a written estimate.

2. Are your cleaning products safe for the environment?
Yes. We use enviro friendly cleaning products that do not contain phosphates, chlorine or toxins.

3. Can pressure washing damage stucco, brick, and vinyl siding?
Yes, direct pressure washing can damage any surface. That is why Dragonfly Pressure washing uses brush cleaning to remove stubborn dirt.

4. Can pressure washing my home increase its value?
Yes. The value of your property is increased as well as adding curb appeal which makes a great first time impression with potential purchasers.

5. Can pressure washing protect surfaces?
Removing algae and fungus not only provides a safer environment, but it also prevents finish failure due to mold and mildew which is common here in B.C.

6. Will the cleaning products damage my plants and flowers?
No, the enviro friendly cleaning products we use are not toxic to plants or animals.

7. Do you collect sales tax?
Yes, by law we are required to collect GST and then HST if it is implemented.

8. What payments do you accept?
We accept cash, cheque, money order or credit card cheque. All returned cheques will carry a penalty of $40.00.

9. Do you perform multi unit property cleaning?
Yes, our experienced staff provides excellent results for any size project, allowing property management companies to utilize our expertise.

10. Do you clean trucks?
Yes, we clean single trucks, trailers as well as fleets using environmental food safe cleaners. We clean the insides as well when required.