Cleaning Trailers

Before beginning the wash, put enviro pads over the drains to stop any oil or debris from entering the ground water. When washing trailers always start at the top. Use a hot water pre-soak  and soak one side of trailer. Using the telescopic wand and brush start and the end of the trailer and work the brush up and down over the surface of the trailer for about the first six feet concentrating on the upper half of the trailer. Leave that brush there and return to the end of the trailer and using a short handle brush and using the same up and down techinique (just like painting) soft brush scrub the bottom half of the trailer. Rotate from top to bottom along the whole length of the trailer. Follow along brush cleaning with the pressure washer to give a hot rinse and further sanitization. While hot rinsing for the last time spend some time on the dirty area’s under the trailer. Area’s where dirt likes to accumulate. At the front of the trailer pay extra attention where the smoke stack from the tractor leaves extra soot. Brush clean whole  front of trailer and hot rinse. A small brush may be needed to get around the attachments at the front of the trailer. Hot rinse. When you have finished the other side using the same technique. First doing a presoak, and then following with a brush clean and a hot rinse, extra attention needs to be paid to the back doors. The most travelled through area of any trailer. These doors are constantly being opened, closed and hauled in and out of all day long. The doors need to be presoaked and then using the extended handle brush the top of the door is cleaned. A smaller brush may be used around the door locks to be able to get in closer to the dirtiest area’s. A hot rinse and maybe even a second scrub on some doors due to how dirty they are. Always finish with a rinse to eliminate the debris and when using hot water to prevent streaks.

 Different back door types are :

  • Barn Door style needs a smaller brush head to get up close to the bar fasteners, as well as the large brush starting at the top and working your way down the door. Followed by a hot rinse.
  • Roll up Doors style needs the presoak and the larger brush to start at the top.  Brush clean the door and after then rinse with hot water. When rinsing pay attention to the door runners and get grime out as grime can cause problems with the door rollers.
  • Power tail gate style; Put the power tailgate down so that the top is even with the bottom of the door without opening. Hot water clean ramp and spend some time again on the tracks for the power tailgate to remove grime from the roller area’s.When completed move power tailgate back to the upmost position and clean trailer plates and the bottom of the back end with hot water.

The mudflaps carry a lot of grime that should be hot pressure washer off. Do a complete once over of trailer before moving on to the next job. Always take enviro sock off drain before leaving.

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